Ali Hutton  Bagpipes, Whistle and Guitar

Ali, from Methven in Perthshire, was inspired at the age of 7 to take up the bagpipes and came up through the ranks at the Vale of Atholl pipe band.  He was taught alongside Ross Ainslie by the late, great Gordon Duncan and has gone on to become a successful multi-instrumentalist on the Scottish music scene.  He has produced and co-produced several albums such as Treacherous Orchestra’s “Origins”, Maeve Mackinnon’s “Don’t sing love songs”, The Long Notes’ “In the Shadow of Stromboli” and Old Blind Dogs’ “Wherever Yet May Be”.  Ali is currently a member of  Treacherous Orchestra, Old Blind Dogs, the Ross Ainslie and Jarlath Henderson Band, and the Ross Ainslie Trio

Favourite bands : Solas, Metallica, Guns n roses, Sigur Ros, Fink, If these trees could talk, Dave Matthews band, Massive attack, anything with John Doyle in it, Kings of leon and many others.

Musical Influences/heroes : Gordon Duncan, John Doyle, Donough Hennessy, Fraser Fifield, Seamus Egan, Wolfstone, Lunasa, Solas, Sigur Ros, Ross Ainslie, Duncan lyall, Martin o Neill, Andy Webster, and all the boys in the Treacherous Orchestra.

Favourite books : The Secret History of the World (Mark Booth), Anything by Christopher Moore, particularly Lamb and his Bloodsucking Trilogy, The Road (Cormac McCarthy), Fear and loathing in Las Vegas (Hunter S Thompson), The Dark Tower (Stephen King).

Things I FxxxxxG HATE : Bananas, Fish (All edible Seafood), And Flip Flops!!!!

List of bands/Musicians I have had the great honour of playing with over the years………

The Vale of Atholl Pipe Band (Novice Juvenile to Grade 1), Subtle measures, The Gordon Duncan Band, Clueless, Brolum, Back of the Moon, Cantrip, Deaf Shepherd, The Black Sheep, Dougie Maclean, Jamie Smith, Beneche, The Long Notes, SBO, Calasaig, Deoch n dorus, Bodega, Maeve Mackinnon, Ross Ainslie and Jarlath Henderson, Ross Ainslie Trio, India Alba, Hamish Napier Duos, Shona Mooney Band, Old Blind Dogs, Finlay Macdonald band, The Scottish Fiddle Orchestra, Emily Smith Band, Niamh Ni Charra, Duncan Chisholm, Kathleen Boyle band, Mick West band, Anna Macdonald, Fraser Fifield, Canntaireachd, Matheu Watson, Salsa Celtica, Capercaillie, Carlos Nunez, True North Orchestra, Steve Forman, Angus Lyon, Colin Train, Babelfish, The Trotters, The Walkabout Ceilidh Band, Treacherous Orchestra,……..



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  1. Just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy your music. Heard you with Ross Ainslie on youtube, heard Ross play with Dougie Maclean. You add so much to the overall sound. Thank you.

  2. At the Celtic Connections in Glasgow now, Ali the tune you wrote for your granny is amazing and the bagpipes sound so powerful! Thank you, great to hear you play and joke :).

  3. My husband and I were at the Tollbooth last night and really enjoyed the evening – my husband who is more musical than I am – was fascinated by your fingering on the pipes – he mentioned you going up the scale – and various other fingering which I didn’t even notice – and he was fascinated by the fact that you played sitting down!! (He plays the pipes now and again), and you produced ‘noises’ on the pipes that he couldn’t work out how you did. I have a relative in NZ who is a great piper and used to come and compete at the Northern Meeting – and my husband was saying he probably wouldn’t like the more interesting (!!) sounds – which I know were introduced by Gordon Duncan.!! Thank goodness for innovation. We were at a lot of Celtic Connections concerts and kept seeing you with different groups! First time we’ve seen OBD and will definitely go again. Thank you!!

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  5. Hi Ali
    Saw the show at the QH last night and loved it.Everybody was great and it went by in a flash.Consider myself lucky to have been there to hear it and bet there`s loads who wish they had.
    It was great to hear the piping as I`m learning myself but being an OAP now I`ve left it a bit late in starting but you are an inspiration and that makes me want to really push on and do my best Ali.Totally bottled it and should have spoken to you in the bar but that`s me all over backwards at coming forward!.Anyway if you are near me and the wife will be at next OBD or you and Ross gigs for sure .
    Cheers Ali and thanks again for the great evening`s entertainment.

  6. Ali
    Ange & I really enjoyed your gig with Ross & Jen in Bethnal Green last month, quite a change from a TO gig, worked well in the church atmosphere. Also thanks for the wee chat before the gig & signing the cd, all very relaxed.
    We will be up to Glasgow for the OBD gig at Celtic Connections in 2018, see you in the new year.
    Thanks again

  7. Hi Ali
    Well done for surviving the OBD gig to the end, it was the least animated I’ve ever seen you until the last ten minutes. You guys had a real difficult band to follow, what was it that the Iranian piper was blowing, it was something else! Anyway, we had an even grander time at CC this year, seeing Martin Hayes, Blazin’ Fiddles, Adam S, Duncan Chisholm & OBD, as well as Croft No.5, great live music.
    I have family living in Glasgow, one of my cousin’s drove me to Inverary, it was most possibly one of the most beautiful trips in my life, the scenery was stunning.
    Hopefully you & Russ will be touring down to London again in 2018, otherwise catch you at the Slaughtered Lamb in September.

  8. I just saw your band in Sellersville PA. Had an amazing experience! Loved the music, the energy, the humor and absolutely loved your flute and bagpipe playing. Thank you !!! Can’t wait to see you again ! Wish I could come to Scotland to see you guys play !

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  10. Watched you and Ross on the BBC Music Travelling Folk Session for the first time and was blown away mate. I seriously wish that we had music such as yours being played here in Australia or the calibre of musicianship as well. The fact both you fellas were taught by Gordon Duncan speaks volumes. Amazing stuff. Well looks like a trip to Scotland is now in the making.
    PS a pedalboard for bagpipes ? I saw that on the stage in the BBC video both you and RA using them, what is your pedal set up ?

    • Hey Pete. Thanks for the shout. It’s nice to hear that you like the music. Aye, we were very fortunate to have been taught by Gordon. It’s the reason we’ve travelled the road that we have. He introduced us to a life outside of pipe bands and solo piping.
      The pedal boards are mostly mutes and tuners. Helps when there is so much noise happening on stage. I also have blue sky reverb for the tenor guitar and the voicelive 2 for whistle effects.
      Hope to see you over this way man. Cheers. Ali

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