A Pipes…a follow up! 

So, as I re read my post on A Highland pipes, I realise it might have implied that there aren’t many good makers out there………this isn’t true. There are several great makers of all kinds of non conventional bagpipes. I’ve been very fortunate over the years to have had the support and friendship of a maker in particular, Nigel Richard. I have played Garvie border pipes for years now and still support Nigel. They have served me very well. He’s also someone that has been very kind, and patient throughout my development and growth as a musician. His bellows blown pipes are among the best. I’m very grateful for his friendship and support, and many emergency appointments along the way. Nigel is on a list of some very fine pipe makers. There are several makers now that make fine instruments to a very high standard. I believe the choice you make is based on taste, sound, and playability. You can rely on Garvie, Burgess, Moore and Macallum for instruments that perform at a professional level. They all make a wide range of bagpipes. My personal choice is to work with Garvie and Burgess bagpipes. I believe that they make instruments to suit my needs and specifications. They are also very interested on a personal level. 

So……….check these guys out. As I said, it really all boils down to what sounds good to your ear. All of these makers have a very distinct sound, and design. 

Have a look and make your own mind up!!! 


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