Whit’s dain!!

Thought I’d post a wee ‘whit’s dain’ whilst a wait for the butternut squash and sweet potatoes to roast…………

As I lunge head on into a unique, and entirely rare 9 days off, I thought I’d remind myself, and inform yourselves of what’s been happening!! 9 days off in reality isn’t exactly that. I have no gigs, or no studio work to do. That, these days, justifies time off I guess. 

First off, I immensely enjoyed doing a wee gig with the Rura boys on the beautiful island of Jura. It was Jura Tastival 2017, the Jura whisky festival. Which didn’t turn out to be as messy as it could have. The tunes were banging (so was Marty the sound guy), the whisky cocktails were refreshing, and the meat feast dinner was incredible. Thanks again to the Rura lads, my heroes, for having me along whilst Steven was preparing for the wedding of a lifetime! Congratulations to Steven and Mikaela. I hope their day is lovely and memorable. You can check the guys out over on their website and also purchase their insanely produced album, Despite the Dark, here ……..http://www.rura.co.uk/shop/

So, my 9 days off πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚, also includes writing at least 12 tune commisions. This is part of the Old Blind Dogs Pledge Campaign. The Pledge Campaign is how we helped fund the making of our recent album, Room With A View. Which is out to buy now. You can get this from our website…..https://www.oldblinddogs.co.uk/listen

I don’t know how much of these 9 days will actually involve some of the other stuff that life affords…..like leaving the house?!? Oh aye, I have a tattoo appointment during my holidays. I’ll be getting more of my sleeve done. Nothing like a bit of excruciating pain to cheer you up!!! Grrrrrreat!! I’ll post the bloody progress when I’m done.

I will manage to get out I hope. I’m eyeing up a few Munros and a couple of good days of cycling. Hopefully this will realign the turmoil, and insanity that’s been swirling in my brain. I highly recommend getting out into the hills. Especially as we have one of the most glorious countries beneath our feet. It does wonders for the head, and helps realign your thoughts. Much needed for many musicians. It’s a turbulent world we live in…….and also glorious. It has its moments. 

Well, I’ve spilled my thoughts. Enjoy the good weather. Get out, and feel good! Preserve your sanity!!! πŸ™ƒ Peace

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