Celtic Connections – A sorry excuse for Snowfall – and last minute Tax scramble!!

Hello a’bdy and Nae’ bdy!!

Here’s a wee list of this months events…..


Opening Concert – 18th Jan w/ Ross and Tryst


Ross Ainslie’s Sanctuary – 20th jan


Grit Orchestra – Bothy Culture – 27th Jan


Old Blind Dogs – 3rd Feb


Maeve Macrimmon’s Album Launch – 4th Feb


And in amongst all of this learning, rehearsing, gigging, mild drinking, excitement and nonsense…….the dreaded receipts must be rounded up and counted!! What a shiter!! The one thing that tries its hardest to wreck the Celtic connections buzz!! Well, I’m telling you….it ain’t getting the better of this guy!! 👍👍

Hopefully see you all along the way!!!

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