Day 1 – The Drawing of Three

You wake up and feel like it’s Beer O’clock, and you could go a meal that doesn’t involve a bowl and spoon! You know it’s going to be a LONG day ahead of you. You’ve got lots of stuff to catch up on, emails, stuff to learn, things to organise but inevitably you’ll do a circuit of Netflix, look at pish online, walk to the kitchen, look out the window, cower at the unfamiliarity and RPT, and RPT, and RPT. This will only be interrupted by the urge to nap. Which at all costs you battle, if only to avoid the nightmarish theatre that is playing the Hollywood version of ‘this is your life’ in your brain, 24/7. You’re surroundings are strange, you’re used to funny voices, things being back to front and upside down. The ups and downs of ‘the gig’ and you’re day revolving around performing grind to an immediate halt, leaving you feeling like someone’s pulled the plug on your life support. Like all of a sudden you’ve crossed back to the other side. Routine being the thing that holds that world, and your sanity in place. Glueing it together and scooping it up when it starts to dribble down the back of your neck. But you’re home, and things slowly morph back to what you know, and your senses gradually adjust back to the things that comfort you in this world! I will still hate fish, bananas and flip flops, in this world and the other! Peace, love and and a lack of understanding! Ali

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