Arriving at Flow

So, after yesterday’s slightly ranty blog, I did as I said I would and tried a bit of painting. It’s probably been about 16/17 years since I last painted. So, I wasn’t holding out for anything spectacular. So, I went for it…….

I started to try and paint a still life, a vase with some Lily’s. A vase with some lily’s……aye, way to find yourself. Of course, it was a load of shite. I would post the evidence but it’s currently enjoying a short stint in the bin before gets a life sentence as in a dirty landfill!

I decided I should just do a quick sketch which I’d try and pull from my murky, defunct artistic brain, and started to sketch out a wee mountain range. That was always a go to thing I would draw. I love landscape, I love its emotion, its colour, it’s terrifying grandeur, and also how it inspires musical ideas……

That’s when the the Flow began. I was fully absorbed for a good 3/4 hours. It kind of found its own life on the page. Now, not that it’s any good. It’s technically fairly rough, my brush control and choice of Pallette aren’t as they might have been. However, it is a process that I think will help me achieve a way forward with life and music. Ultimately, I’m trying to harness a way to find Flow with my music again.

This may work……may not…….we’ll see.

Here’s it so far………

Peace oot creatures of this spinning baw!

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