At Home – From the Potter to the Piper

I was recently commissioned to write a tune by the very lovely human, Vickie Gray. The tune was written for her partner, Paul. Paul has been a Piper for 60 years, and Vickie is a Potter, and they are coming up to their 20th anniversary. They sell their crafts at the Farmer’s market in Lunenburg, Nova Scotia, on the Eastern seaboard of Canada, and also enjoy a tune together. I was fortunate enough, many years ago, to have played at the Lunenburg Folk festival with a band called Brolum. A band of people that I shared some of my happiest memories with. Lunenburg is an incredibly beautiful place, full of the most welcoming folk. It would be an impossible task to put into words the sheer beauty of this place. You just have to go and see it for yourselves. It was a special experience writing this tune as I am so fond of this part of the world, and the people that inhabit it. Hopefully I’ll get back some day to share a wee tune and a dram with Vickie and Paul. All the best guys. Cheers. Ali

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