Doing it all over again!!

Morning Creatures of the Multiverse! I passed comment in the old Twittersphere saying that I would try and make some blogs and keep a track of my tour life. I say MY tour life cause I want it to be a reflection of the stuff that we don’t see on Instagram. The stuff that makes folk think that touring is a fucking breeze and it’s ALL the Guid stuff, ALL the time. I want to try share the ups and downs and the reality of growing up through this journey and the changes that occur as you get older. So, I will be making an effort to post the bad as well as the good because now a days there is a fair share of both. As, you get older there are many more things that make you want to gravitate towards home, this making touring overseas for long periods of time, a lot harder. It’s a lot different to what it was when I was in my 20’s, when the whole world was a playground and you just wanted as much of it as you could possibly consume. YES to everything and then some……..fuck it, top me up again!!!!! This is a mind set, (if it ever was a mind set, I think probably more mindLESS), that I can’t keep up with anymore. It’s not a way of life that I can live by anymore. In all honesty, I have been struggling with my head for a while now and being on tour is not the easiest environment in which to preserve it’s fragility. As of late, I’ve been struggling with finding my own head space, personal relationships, anxiety, self doubt etc. Now I know, I’m not alone. I AM NOT the only one who struggles and my STUFF is not bigger, badder or more important than others. I personally feel that this realisation is an important step towards helping yourself and others find a way through the tough bits of life. Be CONSIDERATE of others and their feelings. Anyway…….ain’t gonna go on any rants. RANTS don’t help! PRACTICE helps…….DOING helps!!!!!!

So……….I’m gonna share my thoughts and practices along the way. Perhaps they will be of use to someone, perhaps they will be idle musings. The practice of writing this stuff down and keeping track of how you are and how you are with others will help carve out a more positive way forward.

Day 1 – I am about to embark on some physical assertion. I’ll push myself to do some form of exercise every day of this tour. Physical exercise is something that contributes to good mental health. It’s a way of allowing yourself to be removed from the ‘groundhog day’ aspect of touring. Get out, explore, clear your head. You WILL be inspired by your surroundings. Go out and see things that you don’t get to see everyday. Soak in the beauty of your surroundings. Why not drag your band mates with you?!?? Having elements within your relationships that doesn’t just revolve around drinking and ‘the gig’ will help forge stronger bonds and therefore make living together 24/7, for a month, a lot easier!!!

As I write this I am, in my head, talking myself in and out of going for a run. Moving forward is defeating the thoughts that stop you from changing your ways.


Mair tae come…………..

Peace oot! X

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