This morning I asked for help from my good friend Lorne MacDougall. He happily obliged, of course he is a generous soul. We messaged back and forward for a bit, after a while he replied …..‘ here is how you will repay me……’ He sent me a picture of a guitar and asked if I would teach him to accompany ‘the Famous Batavian’ in DADGAD. Now, I’m assuming this is the Gordon Duncan tune that he’s talking about but it could well be an Indonesian slide?!?! Anyway, the combination of cutting a deal with Lorne, the sound of running water from the bathroom and the impending downfall of humanity made me think……….”WHO RUN BARTER TOWN?………..WHO…..RUN………BARTER ……..T…O….W……N?????”………..Well, we do! I think it’s a great way to support each other and our community. Trade skills, share abilities, help each other out with all things new and alien, swap skills!! We should be able to trade with each other. Just like in Mad Max or Waterworld, just without all of the cool shit and explosions. This morning Lorne helped me with my Sibelius crisis, so I’ll help him learn the accompaniment to his favourite Indonesian folk tune. While there is no certainty of when we’ll get back to work and be able to start earning money again, why don’t we try and create our very own BARTER TOWN ?………again without all the cool shit, violence and explosions!

Where we’re going………we don’t need no money!!!!!!!

Just a wee thought for the day! Peace out people of Earth and mind yon Zombies! 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿❤️😈

1 thought on “WHO RUN BARTER TOWN?

  1. You are another person on the FUTUREWORLD WAVELENGTH…LOVE U ALWAYS, sorry I didnt make the gig………..MATRIX LIVING………..Maybe NEO WILL SHOW UP SOMETIME…XXX

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