‘At Home’ – Tunebook Crowdfunder

Hi Folks,
I’m in the process of putting my first ever tune book together. The book will include tunes recorded by bands such as Treacherous Orchestra, Symbiosis, Old Blind Dogs and Kinnaris Quintet. It will also include tunes that haven’t yet seen the light of day.
As you know, times are not easy at the moment so I’m taking pre-orders to help fund the production of the book.
Where are we at with it? At this very minute, I’m having the tunes proof-read by the most skilled of musicians from the far reaches of the planet so that by the time it reaches you guys, it’ll have no (or hardly any) mistakes or typos.
The world’s most skilled typesetter is currently working on the layout. The next stage will be to do a final proof-read and then it can go off to print.
Right now, I can’t guarantee an exact delivery date due to the on-going decimation of life as we know it. However, I can guarantee that you will receive it before summer, if not sooner. So, I suppose this is a crowdfunder. I’m asking you guys to pre pay in order to help cover some of the costs towards completing the book. Aye, I’m asking for your help, not money for free, just a little help to bring this book into reality. I will keep you all updated along the way and as soon as it’s printed, I’ll be throwing them straight in the post to reach you as soon as possible. Any help will go a long way and it would mean a lot to me to know my tunes are going to loving homes where they will be properly looked after. ‘At Home’ is available to pre order from my online Shop.
Thanks, Ali.

Includes tunes for Bagpipes and other instruments

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