‘At Home’ Merch! : T-Shirt’s

I recently commissioned Chris Baldie, a great illustrator and designer, to bring a few of my tunes to life! I presented him with the tunes, ‘Hounds on the Heath (Hounds)’ and ‘Desperate Fishwives’. Chris has brilliantly interpreted the tune titles and stories and has come up with these two designs. He also designed a brilliant logo which are the initials of the book title and my name (total fluke). As some of you may know, I love comic books and their art. To have these done in this style makes my heart sing. I really hope you all like them as much as I do!


Get them before they vanish!
Cheers, Ali!

Available from my shop …. https://alihuttonmusic.co.uk

2 thoughts on “‘At Home’ Merch! : T-Shirt’s

  1. Did you send out the tune books? I’m waiting on mine. I’m in the USA in Maine so it may be in transit. I’m just checking

    • Hey John. They’ve all been sent out. You’re the 3rd that hasn’t received the yes yet. I fear that a few overseas deliveries have gone missing. I know fir sure that books have made it to the states, Europe and Oz, so some are finding their way. Let me know in a few days if it’s arrived. If not, I’ll send another. Sorry for your wait!

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