Well Xmas is coming soon……it is and it isn’t. Time is so flexible and warped just now that Xmas could literally be round the corner…..go on….have a wee peek?!? We’re already heading into the weekends – end having just shaken off the previous weekends end! I’m not gonna try and punt stuff with birthdays and xmas in mind. I’m just gonna let you know what’s coming, what’s already available, and if you feel like it, you can buy stuff for yourself, or loved ones because it’ll make everyone involved feel happy. At the very least it may cause a distraction for a minute. At the minute doing something nice for someone, showing that you care and that you’re thinking of them is incredibly important.

So………Here’s what’s available just now.

Tune Commissions – If you’re looking for that extra special gift for someone, why don’t you think about having a tune written for them? Commission Package – Tune written; Tune typeset with personal message; Recording of tune on multiple instruments. If you’re interested then you can email me at alihutton@hotmail.com

Tunebooks – You can order my Tunebook, At Home, from my shop……https://alihuttonmusic.co.uk

What’s to come………

I have some new merchandise in the pipeline which will also be available from my shop very soon. I’ve been working with a designer on bringing some of my tune titles to life through illustration. So, keep your eyes peeled for further information.

I’ll also be working on a serious of EP’s over the next while. This is something I’m excited about as this will be music and production born of the situation that we have found ourselves in.

Last of all…….a special thing…….too early to say. Something that will be joyous. Something luminous!!!

Peace oot folks!!

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