Tunebook Update! ‘Sad Face!’

Hi folks, so, a wee heads up regarding the book. The majority of the first batch, not including the books sent out, had multiple printing defects. The company admitted fault and did a reprint which arrived today. Sadly, this 2nd run is faulty as well. Almost every book has a fault. I was gutted the first time but this is just an extra big hoof in the tatties! I was willing to give the company the benefit of the doubt given the current situation and the fact that they may be understaffed. The faults in the 2nd run however are due to sheer incompetence. I don’t want to drop the company name just yet as I’m currently waiting for them to confirm that I’ll be receiving a full refund. Fingers crossed!!!! This has been a total nightmare and I can only wholeheartedly apologise to those of you that are still waiting for your book to arrive. We’ve been in touch with another printer and the book will be getting redone in the next few days. I’ll send it out as soon as it arrives. Once again I am very sorry for the wait!!

Thank you for your patience!!


Peace oot!

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