The Freedom of Birds

The Freedom of Birds

Something that we all wish for more than ever, to be as free as a bird, or at least to be able to be round our family and friends.

These times have been very difficult and continue to test us. We must stay strong and show support for each other and especially those less fortunate than ourselves. Freedom is an odd concept in a world where there is so much inequality and hatred. Some of us are more privileged than others in how we walk through life. Some of us will never stare in the face of hatred or abuse, many will face it head on, every minute, of every day.

This time has shone a light on the fragility of humanity. We need to be there for each other, show love for each other, understand each other and stand up against the injustices in the world. We need to stand with the oppressed and stand against those that divide us!

Here’s the track ‘Birds’ from our album Symbiosis ll. The video was masterfully produced by Somhairle MacDonald. Here’s to Freedom for all!

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