A Few Mair Tunes and Whit’s dain!

Hi Guys……well, all few of you that venture onto my website. I’m not sure that people are aware that it exists?! This is possibly due to the misconception that i might not be able for a task like this………WHAT???? Regular updates, posting regular updates on social media, regularly, on a regular basis…………well, i suppose this proves that the few of you are correct! Anyway, as i’m a bit poorly today, and unable to attend my beautiful wee niece Lailahs 1st Birthday, i thought i’d login and share some stuff.

First of all, Ross and I have made it onto the shortlist for ‘ALBUM OF THE YEAR’ (the birds just flew out of the trees in a forest in BC), at the Scots Trad Music Awards 2016, with our album ‘Symbiosis’. We are very honoured to have been nominated alongside some incredible albums, and amazingly talented folk. Once again it’ll be an action packed, gun toting, rye swigging…….nah……It is usually a great night though. Sorry, i got really into Westworld. It’s on December 3rd, in the Caird Hall in Dundee. And listen, don’t bother voting for us cause the voting closed yesterday. Its in the hands of the almighty Zeus now!!!



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Photo by – Archie Macfarlane – http://www.foto.scot

The next thing to mention, which i am very excited about is that i am currently working on an EP with Laura Beth Salter, and Andrea Gobbi. It has been in the pipeline for too many years to mention now. Finally, it’s seeing some progress. Hopefully this EP will propel us towards a full album and of course, it being performed in a stadium, in a town near you. We’re currently recording it at the moment. As soon as its done and sounding like 4 x £0.79, then we’ll set up a Bandcamp and you can wrap your ears around it…….or let it wrap around you ears??? Anyway…….ITS COMIN’ ATCHA!

I’m also currently working on the new Old Blind Dogs album, and Gary Innes’ solo album. Both of which i’m also excited about. They’re very different entities, but both are turning out to be great.

Next up….. Celtic Connections 2017. It’s going to be a fairly busy month once again. Theres a fair few gigs rolling in. Here’s the rundown so far……

Tryst (new band – 10 Pipers) – 21st Jan

Ross and Ali : Drygate – 25th Jan

Made in Perthshire (Perth) – 27th Jan

Duncan Chisholm Band – 28th Jan

Made in Perthshire (Glasgow) – 29th Jan

Gary Innes (album launch : Drygate) – 2nd Feb

Old Blind Dogs gig – 3rd Feb

Treacherous Orchestra gig – 4th Feb


Oh aye, this is maybe an appropriate point to mention that i’ve been off of the drink for 2 1/2 months now. As i write that list I’m wondering how long that’s gonna last. There are a  few tempting occasions along the path before January. My birthday, Xmas, New year, then Celtic………..These are all perfect excuses to stumble. I’ll see. It has its ups, and it has its way, way downs!

Lastly, i think ?!???…….other stuff has happened, but the brain ain’t parting with all of it at the minute……….So, anyway i’ve rammed up a few more of my tunes in case anyone is interested in learning them. Theres a few from ‘Symbiosis’, a few oldies and a few newbies. If you’ve paid any attention to this stream of blah, then you’ll realise the newest of my creations.

For now, in this time of GREAT change, and uncertainty, i wish you all peace and happiness.

Be good to everyone, at least try! Take care. Ali

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