Happy St Andrews day you beaming souls of goodness! 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

It’s finally here. The video for our track Birds has arrived. Created by Somhairle MacDonald @fatherofschmo ……….

Put it in yer eyes, and yer ears.

Later on today we’ll be announcing live dates for 2019. 😈 Follow the links below ⬇️


Happy Wednesday Peeps!

We have some stuff to reveal over the next few weeks. Announcements will be made regarding upcoming tours/gigs/lineup, and we’ll introduce a special thing to accompany those dates. This Bonnie thing was made by Father Somhairle MacDonald of Schmo! Keep an eye out on the 30th…….the day of Scotland’s very own Saint!!

Also you can STILL get yer votes in for the Scots trad music Awards. There are many very talented folk up for awards this year. So if you like the music these folk make, then give them a vote……….

Battle Royale!!!

It’s here again! It’s that time of year where you stand toe to toe with your pals and battle against each other for the title of …..”the best at what you do, of the year”…..but only for that year of course. The next year you’re not the best, naturally. Funny old craic, eh?!? So, our division is the ‘Album of the year’. If you’d like to help myself and Ross vanquish everyone else’s great efforts, and when I say great, there are some beautiful pieces of work up in here, then you can vote for Symbiosis 2 here……….

I had other stuff to say…….but it should remain deep down in the depths…….for now! 😈