Spread it about……but from a safe distance (2 metres….I think?!)

I’m taking this moment in between nappies just to share a wee thought.

Myself, Ross and Jenn have just released an album. It was completely made at home and mixed and mastered remotely. We’re blown away by the response and we thank you all for embracing it. It’s been a welcome distraction from the horrors of this world and a real learning curve…..in many ways.

It got me thinking about the possible shift in attitude towards why we are releasing music just now. It’s certainly not under normal circumstances. Perhaps our boundaries and limitations have led us all to reassess how we make music and how we release it into the world. Maybe these limitations have allowed for us to stop being so precious about perfect performances and immaculate sound?! We’ve been presented with a situation where we can produce music that is more ‘raw’ and of the moment! I feel like we are in a very unique place in which we don’t have to pander to our ‘brand’ of music. We’re not all vying for gigs or trying to create a consistency of product that agents and organisers seem to crave. We’re free to try out new ideas, new sounds and explore new connections.

So…..what I’m getting at is, spread it around, pass it on, share it about …….pay it forward! You’re music, lineup, sound doesn’t have to remain the same. You could use this time to play and record with different musicians, find musical ground in places you wouldn’t normally explore, invest in music together, try out different engineers, videographers, artists, designers…….! There are thousands of independent, self employed industry folk that are struggling and in need of work, so why not spread the work around?! You may be throwing someone a bit of a life line!

Just a thought!

Peace oot! Ali